Marketing for Sports Teams That Works

Selling tickets in this ever-changing world of digital marketing is confusing and a challenge to navigate. If your marketing team isn’t empowered with the right education and tools, it can be difficult to know what decisions to make and the impact of their marketing efforts.  

It's not just about making short-term changes, it's about building a marketing machine. 

It's time to make your marketing easy. 

Sports Marketing Services

CONSULTING - 5 Weeks - $3,200

Over the five weeks, I will work with your marketing team to assess your current marketing efforts, lead generation, promotional planning, and data collection, share results, shore up any issues, grab the low-hanging fruit, and implement best practices. Includes a 5-page report of your current ticket sales with actionable insights. 

CONSULTING + DATA - 7 Weeks - $8,000

Consulting PLUS a deeper-dive into your data uncovering missed opportunities and create a dashboard that shares your business intelligence data. By tieing all of your data together from your CRM, ticketing software, merchandise, and more, I provide you with an in-depth look at your operation and recommendations. 

Partnered Support - 12 Months - $12,000

Consulting & Data PLUS monthly consulting hours to help support your team. I help you continue understand your marketing data and provide you recommendations. 

On-Going Advising & Consulting

Bi-Weekly or monthly team huddles to review marketing data and provide on-going support

Ready to Get Started?

I look forward to working with you to help you hit your sales goals.