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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses the importance of growing your email database during the off-season and provides two unique ideas for growing it during the season. He emphasizes the need to increase the opportunity to collect email addresses to turn single game buyers into fans who attend multiple games.

Jeremy explains the current email database and attendance numbers and highlights the desired email collection rate. He suggests doubling the email database during the season by implementing a process to collect additional email addresses. Jeremy then presents two ideas: in-game giveaways and website pop-up discounts. He concludes with three takeaways and the benefits of growing the email database during the season.

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00:00 - Importance of Growing Email Database During Off-Season

00:43 - Introduction to Growing Email Database During Season

02:39 - Desired Email Collection Rate

03:09 - Doubling Email Database During Season

04:07 - Idea 1: In-Game Giveaway

05:32 - Idea 2: Website Pop-up Discount

06:56 - Takeaway 1: Focus on Growing Email List During Games

07:25 - Takeaway 2: In-Game Contest for Email Collection

07:51 - Takeaway 3: Set Goals for Adding Email Addresses

08:19 - Benefits of Growing Email Database During Season

In-season is the best time to collect as many email addresses as possible as it helps you sell more tickets to games and creates lead lists for your inside or ticket sales team or your group sales team.

Listen in to learn these two tactics that dramatically increase your database and help you sell more tickets. 

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