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In this episode, Jeremy discusses the importance of growing your email database during the off-season. While the in-season is a prime time for email list growth, teams often neglect the off-season, leading to burnout and decreased engagement from single game buyers.

Jeremy emphasizes the value of a large and convertible email list, as well as the opportunities for growth during the off-season. He provides tips on best practices for email capturing and suggests leveraging contests, events, and merchandise sales to grow the database. Jeremy concludes by encouraging teams to set goals for off-season database growth.

Often times teams ONLY focus on growing during the season through ticket sales opportunities and merchandise sales.  Often times single-game buyer lists are burned out as they receive a ton of "upcoming promotions or buy tickets now" emails. 


  • Having a consistent strategy to grow your email list in the off-season introduces more fans to your marketing, which leads to more ticket sales.
  • Set a process for collecting email addresses and ensure clean data by using QR codes and online forms.
  • Explore different opportunities during the off-season, such as contests, events, and merchandise sales, to grow your email database.
  • Set a goal for off-season database growth to make selling more tickets during the season easier.

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00:00 - Introduction

00:40 - Growing Email Database During the Season

01:38 - Challenges of In-Season Email Marketing

03:04 - Benefits of a Large and Convertible Email List

04:03 - Best Practices for Email Capturing

04:58 - Opportunities for Off-Season Database Growth

06:24 - Setting Goals for Off-Season Database Growth

The majority of the offseason is ticket plan selling, promotions/marketing planning, budgeting, and sponsorship renewal. I encourage teams to make a plan to grow your database during the offseason so that selling during the season is easier. 

Listen in to learn a few tactics to grow the list during the offseason so that you can sell more tickets during the season. 

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