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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser and Emmanuel Elmajian discuss different strategies for selling group tickets. They explore the shift from traditional group sales to individual members of a group buying their own tickets at a discounted rate. They also discuss the benefits of this new approach, such as increased control for buyers and more data for sellers.

The conversation covers various ideas for selling group tickets, including loyalty programs, thank you programs, special offers for events in town, and theme nights. They also touch on the concept of competition and gamification in group ticket sales, as well as the opportunity to sell fan experiences. 

The conversation explores the concept of unused fan experiences and the need for more customized VIP experiences in the sports industry. It discusses the potential of cross-selling sports to different audiences and the importance of targeting youth sports and traveling teams.

The conversation also delves into the topic of fundraisers and how sports teams can sell tickets to raise money for schools and nonprofits. It emphasizes the role of groups in driving ticket sales and the need for flexible ticketing options. Spinzo is introduced as a platform that helps teams reimagine ticket sales and offers various services to enhance the ticketing experience.


  • The traditional approach of selling large blocks of tickets to a group leader is evolving, with more emphasis on individual members of a group buying their own tickets at a discounted rate.
  • This new approach gives buyers more control and allows for more personalized ticket purchases, such as buying tickets for themselves, their spouse, and their children.
  • Selling group tickets to events in town, such as conventions or career fairs, can be a great way to engage new audiences and increase ticket sales.
  • Competition and gamification can be effective strategies for maximizing group ticket sales, with examples including battles between apartment complexes, schools, charities, and youth sports teams.
  • Theme nights and fan experiences are opportunities to sell more group tickets, with the potential to bundle in special perks or incentives for groups that reach certain milestones. Unused fan experiences can be sold as last-minute opportunities, generating additional revenue for sports teams.
  • Customized VIP experiences are becoming increasingly important in attracting fans to live games.
    Cross-selling sports to different audiences, such as targeting youth sports and traveling teams, can expand ticket sales opportunities.


00:00 - Introduction and Overview
03:25 - The Rise of the New Process of Selling Group Tickets
07:45 - Special Offers and Gated Links for Future Games
12:49 - Competition and Gamification in Group Ticket Sales
16:08 - Theme Nights: A Strategy for Selling Group Tickets
22:37 - Cross-Selling Sports to Different Audiences
25:13 - Fundraisers: Selling Tickets to Raise Money
27:24 - The Role of Groups in Driving Ticket Sales
31:23 The Importance of Flexible Ticketing Options

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