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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser interviews Heather Doane from Destroyer Promotional Products about improving merchandise sales. They discuss 10 tips for teams to implement, including inventory management, understanding retail space, visual merchandising, competitive pricing, and more. Heather emphasizes the importance of knowing your inventory, organizing the back of the house, and conducting market research to set competitive prices.

She also suggests asking for samples and staying updated on industry trends. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for sports teams looking to boost their merchandise sales.

In this conversation, Heather Doane shares 10 tips to improve merchandise sales. The tips include knowing your inventory, understanding your retail space, visual merchandising, setting prices, researching items, organizing the back of the house, tracking sales, capturing customer information, and promoting brand awareness.

Heather emphasizes the importance of creating a visually appealing store layout, conducting research on pricing and merchandise quality, and utilizing customer data for targeted marketing. She also suggests collaborating with other teams and attending retail buyers meetings to share insights and improve the overall league. Heather encourages listeners to reach out for personalized guidance and assistance.


  • Know your inventory and keep track of the quantity and size breakdowns of each style.
  • Understand your retail space and how customers shop to optimize visual merchandising.
  • Set competitive prices by conducting market research and comparing quotes from different vendors.
  • Ask for samples to ensure the quality of the merchandise before making bulk orders.
  • Organize the back of the house with racks, carts, and proper storage to protect and easily access inventory. Know your inventory and regularly spot check to ensure you have enough stock of popular items.
  • Understand your retail space and optimize it by creating visually appealing displays and signage.
  • Invest in visual merchandising to tell a story and make it easier for customers to find and purchase items.
  • Conduct research on pricing and merchandise quality to ensure competitive pricing and high-quality products.
  • Organize the back of the house to streamline operations and make it easier to restock and fulfill orders.
  • Capture customer information to build a database for targeted marketing and personalized promotions.

00:00 - Introduction and Overview
00:26 - Tip 1: Inventory Management
05:08  - Tip 2: Understanding Retail Space
07:25  - Tip 3: Visual Merchandising
09:46  - Tip 4: Driving Key Performance Indicators
15:07  - Tip 5: Competitive Pricing
22:17  - Tip 6: Organizing the Back of the House
26:44  - Tip 7 Optimizing Retail Space and Visual Merchandising
32:45  - Tip 8 Capturing Customer Information for Targeted Marketing
35:41  - Tip 9 Incentivizing Customers with Loyalty Rewards Programs
38:50  - Standardizing Visual Merchandising for Consistency
46:21  - Tip 10 Driving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
47:26  - Promoting Brand Awareness and Online Presence
50:22  - Collaborating with Other Teams for League Growth
51:01  - Personalized Guidance for Merchandise Sales Success

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