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In this podcast episode, Joe Rixon from FanIQ shares insights on three key strategies for sports teams to improve their social media and content engagement. The strategies include leveraging influencers, user-generated content (UGC), and showcasing fan experience.

Joe emphasizes the importance of matching content to the platform, engaging diverse audiences, and using influencer content for paid advertising. He also highlights the value of UGC in engaging fans and driving ticket sales.

The conversation covers the importance of engaging and fun content in driving ticket sales and revenue for sports events. It emphasizes the use of user-generated content, influencers, and targeting new audiences to create engaging and authentic experiences.

The discussion also highlights the impact of content strategy on revenue generation and the value of empowering mid-level staffers with data and resources.


  • Leveraging influencers can tap into specific audience segments and provide trusted recommendations for teams' content.
  • User-generated content (UGC) from fans can be a valuable source of engaging and authentic content for sports teams.
  • Showcasing fan experience and exclusive offerings can drive engagement and ticket sales, regardless of the team's performance on the field. Engaging and fun content is crucial for driving ticket sales and revenue for sports events.
  • User-generated content and influencers play a significant role in creating authentic and engaging experiences for fans.
  • Targeting new audiences and empowering mid-level staffers with data and resources can have a positive impact on revenue generation.
  • Content strategy has a direct impact on revenue generation and the growth of fan bases for sports events.

00:00 - Introduction and Background of FanIQ and Joe Rixon
02:18 - Leveraging Influencers for Sports Marketing Success
13:10 - The Power of User-Generated Content in Sports Marketing
22:56 - The Impact of Engaging Content on Revenue Generation
25:41 - Influencers, User-Generated Content, and Fan Engagement
29:49 - Targeting New Audiences and Empowering Staff for Revenue Growth

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