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In this conversation, Jeremy Neisser sits down with industry expert, Steve DeLay of the Ultimate Toolkit to discuss the importance of creating a marketing plan that drives revenue for sports teams, the alignment between ticket sales and marketing, the concept of the sellout matrix, and the strategies for collecting email addresses and increasing ticket usage. 

Additionally, he shares insights on the Ultimate Toolkit program for sports management students and the Unlimited Toolkit for teams.


  • Marketing is essential for driving revenue in sports, including ticket sales, merchandise sales, and concession sales.
  • Alignment between ticket sales and marketing is crucial for creating a well-oiled machine in sports marketing.
  • The sellout matrix is a strategic approach to creating buzz and excitement around games, leading to increased ticket sales and fan engagement.
  • Strategies for collecting email addresses and encouraging ticket usage are vital for maximizing revenue and fan engagement.
  • The Ultimate Toolkit program offers valuable training and resources for sports management students, while the Unlimited Toolkit provides comprehensive support for sports teams.
    The importance of proactive communication and targeted marketing efforts in driving ticket sales and fan engagement.


00:00 - The Revenue-Driving Power of Marketing in Sports
04:47 - The Sellout Matrix: Creating Buzz and Excitement
11:49 - Strategies for Email Collection and Ticket Usage
34:39 - Comprehensive Support for Sports Teams with the Unlimited Toolkit

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