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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser interviews Michael Brinkman, the Director of Partner Success at Full House Solutions, about lead generation and the use of purchased lists in sports marketing. Michael shares his background in sports sales and marketing, as well as his experience working with Full House Solutions. He explains the products and services offered by Full House Solutions, including direct mail campaigns and digital marketing strategies.

Michael also discusses the accuracy of purchased lists and the role of lead generation in the marketing funnel. He shares success stories of teams using purchased lists for group sales and highlights the potential of postcard retargeting and AI in sports marketing.

  • Purchased lists can be a valuable tool for lead generation in sports marketing, providing teams with targeted prospects to reach out to.
  • Direct mail campaigns can be an effective way to engage potential customers and drive ticket sales, especially when combined with other marketing channels.
  • Accuracy of purchased lists can vary, but it is important to have a strategy in place to handle any inaccuracies and continue cultivating leads.
  • Lead generation should be seen as part of a larger marketing funnel, with multiple touchpoints and follow-ups to nurture leads and convert them into customers.
  • Postcard retargeting and AI are emerging trends in sports marketing that offer new opportunities for engaging with potential customers and improving conversion rates.
Sound Bites

00:00 - Introduction and Background

03:03 - Full House Solutions and Lead Generation

09:04 - Using Purchased Lists for Email Marketing

13:04 - The Accuracy of Purchased Lists

21:05 - Success Stories in Group Sales

25:02 - Postcard Retargeting and Digital Marketing Trends

29:02 - AI and the Future of Marketing

30:54 - Contact Information and Conclusion

If you are interested in connecting with Michael, mention you heard it on the Sports Marketing Machine podcast when you email him - michael@fillthehouse.com

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