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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser and Ali Alden discuss how data-driven messaging drives ticket sales. They emphasize the importance of clear copy and messaging in marketing, as well as the power of language in influencing buying decisions. They explore how teams can use data to create targeted copy that resonates with their audience, and the role of questionnaires in gathering customer insights. 

They also discuss the importance of being strategic in using data to inform marketing outlets and campaigns. This conversation explores the importance of data in marketing campaigns for sports teams. It discusses the sufficient amount of data needed to make informed decisions, the use of questionnaires to test advertising strategies, and the importance of tracking and analysis. 

The conversation also highlights the value of categorizing buyers and tailoring messaging to specific audiences. It emphasizes the need for data-driven marketing to build confidence and make effective marketing decisions. 


  • Clear copy and messaging are essential in marketing to drive ticket sales.
  • Data can be used to create targeted copy that resonates with the audience.
  • Questionnaires are a valuable tool for gathering customer insights and understanding motivations.
  • Being strategic in using data to inform marketing outlets and campaigns is crucial. Determining the sufficient amount of data is subjective and depends on the specific team and campaign.
  • Questionnaires can be used to test advertising strategies and gather valuable demographic data.
  • Testing campaigns with a small budget allows for experimentation and optimization.
  • Tracking and analysis are crucial for measuring campaign success and identifying effective strategies.
  • Data-driven marketing helps tailor messaging and copy to specific audiences, increasing conversion rates.


00:00 - Introduction

00:36 - Ali Alden's Background

01:12 -The Goal of Good Copy

03:08 -Using Data to Make More Targeted Copy

05:07 -Digging Deeper into Customer Data

06:25 - Using Questionnaires to Gather Data

07:07 - Difference Between Questionnaires and Surveys

08:03 - The Goal of a Questionnaire

09:04 - Getting Deeper Insights from Questionnaires

10:08 - Identifying the Character and Their Wants

11:22 - Identifying Problems and Motivations

13:11 - Using Questionnaire Responses as Copy

15:43 - Creating an Aspirational Identity

19:24 - Using Data for Campaigns

20:19 - Being Strategic with Data-Driven Messaging

21:35 - Using Questionnaires to Test Advertising Strategies

22:34 - Testing Campaigns with a Small Budget

23:29 - The Importance of Tracking and Analysis

24:18 - Indicators of Campaign Success

25:26 - Analyzing Data to Inform Marketing Strategy

26:38 - Narrowing Down Data and Categorizing Buyers

27:46 - Using Data to Tailor Messaging and Copy

29:08 - The Importance of Tracking Campaigns

30:15 - Data-Driven Marketing Builds Confidence

32:40 - Choosing the Right Software for Questionnaires

33:26 - Categorizing Buyers for Targeted Campaigns

34:06 - The Value of Building Relationships with Top Buyers

35:01 - Tailoring Messaging to Specific Audiences

36:06 - The Importance of Data in Marketing

37:10 - Using Data to Make Informed Decisions

38:53 - The Power of Data in Marketing

39:41 - Conclusion
If you are interested in working with Ali, she can be reached at alialden.com

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