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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses marketing mini plans during the season. He covers topics such as turning single game buyers into multi-game buyers, post-game emails for single game buyers, renewing current mini plan holders, providing value through communication and relationships, creating reminders for mini plan holders, and bounce back offers for single game buyers. He also emphasizes the importance of helping marketing directors level up their skills and investing in their people.


  • Designate a staff member to check in with mini plan holders during the year to build relationships and increase renewal rates.
  • Create reminders within your email marketing software to remind mini plan holders of their games.
  • Send post-game emails to single game buyers to encourage them to attend another game.
  • Provide value to mini plan holders through communication and relationships.

The only reason that mini-plan holders renew is that they see value in the experience. And they value it by using their tickets.

How you provide value are two ways communication and relationships. 

For single-game buyers, our goal is to turn single-game buyers into multi-game buyers. This gives you the best chance of turning them into a mini-plan holder. 

I dig into what you should do with both audiences (current mini-plan holders and single-game buyers) to give yourself the best chance to sell more mini-plans next year. 


00:00 - Introduction

01:04 - Marketing Mini Plans Before the Season

03:00 - Post-Game Email for Single Game Buyers

05:45 - Renewing Current Mini Plan Holders

08:07 - Providing Value through Communication and Relationships

10:43 - Creating Reminders for Mini Plan Holders

11:28 - Bounce Back Offer for Single Game Buyers

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