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Part 1 of the 2 Part Series: 
This episode of the Sports Marketing Machine Podcast focuses on marketing for mini-plans in the sports industry. Mini-plans are a way for fans to attend a set number of games during the year, and teams often choose the most popular games or games they want to sell out for these plans.
 The goal of mini-plans is to eventually convert fans into season ticket holders.
The episode provides strategies for promoting mini-plans during the preseason, segmenting lists of current mini-plan buyers and single game buyers, targeting warm audiences with Meta ads, and using multiple touch points to reach fans. The episode concludes with a discussion of the next steps in the mini-plan marketing series and a summary of the main takeaways.


  • Mini-plans are a stepping stone for fans to eventually become season ticket holders.
  • Segment your lists of current mini-plan buyers and single game buyers to tailor your marketing messages.
  • Utilize multiple touch points, such as email, phone calls, and social media ads, to reach fans and increase ticket sales.
  • Consider using Meta ads to target warm audiences and promote your mini-plans.


00:00 - Introduction

01:06 - Mini Plans as a Long Game

03:16 - Segmenting Lists

04:40 - Targeting Warm Audiences

06:02 - Multiple Touch Points

07:29 - Using Meta Ads

08:52 - Constant Reminders

09:48 - Consider Postcard Marketing

I break down segmenting audiences for targeting mini-plan sales:
Fans who attended 2-5 games = marketing the 3 -6 game plan
Fans who attended  6-10 games = marketing the 6 game, 9 game, 12 games or half-season plan

Episode 21 has information about the Meta Business Suite audiences

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