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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser chats with Ralph Burns, co-host of the popular digital marketing podcast Perpetual Traffic and founder of Tier11 ad agency.
Ralph and his team manage over $150 million in ad spend on various networks including TikTok, Meta, and Google.

They discuss the shift in advertising strategies, emphasizing the importance of creative and the need to move up the funnel. He introduces the popcorn analogy to explain the importance of planting the seed and nurturing the customer journey. Ralph also highlights the significance of tracking and the challenges of attribution. He provides insights into the hiring process for media buyers and offers advice on the questions teams should ask agencies. 

Ralph shares the Tier 11 process framework, CAMP, which focuses on creative, traffic, after the click, and data. He concludes by discussing the importance of boosting awareness campaigns and improving content creation. 

In this conversation, Ralph Burns discusses the importance of staying top of mind with sports franchises and shares his recommendation of consistently being in front of the audience. He also talks about reaching out to Tier 11 and running ads for teams. Ralph provides information on how to contact Tier 11 and mentions his active presence on LinkedIn. The conversation concludes with a discussion on targeting motorcycle and leather companies and the potential to work with teams to sell out ballparks across America.

We dive into:
1. What's working now for paid ads - we talk strategy and tactics
2. Data - how to use it to your advantage
3. Why tracking is SO important
4. What mistakes you might be making if you are running your ads
5. How to pick a good agency to run ads for you


  • Creative has become more important than ever in advertising.
  • Moving up the funnel and focusing on awareness and consideration can lead to better results.
  • Tracking and attribution are challenging but essential for making data-driven decisions.
  • When hiring media buyers, ask for references and assess their problem-solving skills.
  • The Tier 11 process framework, CAMP, emphasizes the importance of creative, traffic, after the click, and data.
  • Boosting awareness campaigns and creating engaging content can improve results.


00:00 - Introduction and Favorite Topics

01:22 - Shift in Advertising Strategies

03:17 - Moving Up the Funnel

05:01 - The Popcorn Analogy

07:36 - The Importance of Tracking

10:11 - Effective Copywriting

12:00 - Mistakes and Areas of Improvement

14:05 - Questions to Ask Media Buyers

17:15 - The Importance of Fundamentals

19:23 - Separating Traffic Levels

21:34 - Allocating Budget and Running Awareness Campaigns

24:26 - Questions to Ask Agencies

28:19 - The Tier 11 Process Framework: CAMP

31:15 - The Four Elements of Online Marketing

34:48 - Improving Content Creation

Staying Top of Mind with Sports Franchises

40:03 - Reaching Out to Tier 11

40:22 - Contacting Tier 11

40:42 - Targeting Motorcycle and Leather Companies

41:16 - Working with Teams to Sell Out Ballparks

If you are interested in working with Ralph's team, head over to Tier11 or connect with Ralph on LinkedIn

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