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In this episode, I sit down with Heather & Carie from Destroy Promotional Products (Destroyer.Rocks) to talk all things promotional giveaways at games.
They discuss hot products and giveaways for sports teams, trends in promotional items, season ticket holder gifts, alternate identities, and more. They emphasize the importance of creativity and customization in promotional giveaways, as well as the value of high-quality items that fans will keep. 

They also mention the popularity of bobbleheads, reversible bucket hats, and pins, and the potential for merchandise sales to drive traffic and increase revenue.

We talk:

  • Hot Products
  • Trending Ideas
  • Tried & True Giveaways
  • Season Ticket Gifts
  • Alternate Identity giveaways
  • And more! 

Connect with Heather (heather@destroyer.rocks) or Carie (carie@destroyer.rocks). 


  • Creativity and customization are key in promotional giveaways for sports teams.
  • High-quality items that fans will keep are more valuable than cheap trinkets.
  • Bobbleheads, reversible bucket hats, and pins are popular promotional items.
  • Merchandise sales can drive traffic and increase revenue for teams.
  • Season ticket holder gifts should be collectible and make fans feel important.

00:00 - Introduction
13:32 - Trends in Promotional Items
28:31 - Alternate Identities
38:45 - Merchandise Sales and Traffic

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