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In this episode, the Jeremy Neisser discusses the importance of the preview text in email marketing for sports teams. The preview text is the small text below or next to an email's subject line in the inbox, providing additional insight or context. The host emphasizes the value of updating the preview text to increase the chances of fans opening the email.

Guidelines for the length of the preview text are provided, and examples are given on how to connect the subject line and preview text to engage fans. The main takeaways include utilizing the preview text, optimizing the length, and connecting the subject line and preview text.

  • Make use of the preview text in email marketing.
  • The optimal length for preview text is between 35 and 90 characters, with 60 to 70 characters being a good rule of thumb.
  • Connect the subject line and preview text to engage fans and increase open rates.

Sound Bites


00:00 - Introduction

00:41 - The Importance of Email in Sports Marketing

01:39 - Understanding Preview Text

03:04 - The Value of Updating Preview Text

04:04 - Connecting Subject Line and Preview Text

06:01 - Takeaway 1: Utilize Preview Text

06:28 - Takeaway 2: Optimal Length for Preview Text

06:57 - Takeaway 3: Connect Subject Line and Preview Text

Listen in to learn a few ways how you can use the preview text to your advantage to get more fans to open the email and buy more tickets. 

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