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In this podcast interview, Jeremy Neisser sits down with Ryan Foose from Fooser Sports to discuss all things branding in the sports industry. Ryan shares his background in design and his experience working with sports teams to launch and rebrand their brands.

They discuss the misconception of what a brand is, the importance of considering all aspects of a brand beyond just the logo, and the key elements to consider when launching a new brand or alternate identity. Ryan also shares success stories from his work with the Copa program and minor league baseball teams.
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  • A brand is more than just a logo - it encompasses all aspects of a team or organization, including the players, community, and fan experience.
  • When launching a new brand or alternate identity, it's important to consider the community, fans, and demographics of the team's market.
  • Successful brands go beyond the logo and consider the full lifespan of the brand, including merchandise, marketing, and storytelling.
  • Launching a new brand requires buy-in from stakeholders, including influencers and insiders, as well as a strong merchandising strategy.
  • Finding the right balance is key when rebranding - it's important to stay true to the team's primary brand while also refreshing and modernizing it.
  • Success stories in branding include the Copa program in minor league baseball, which aimed to engage Hispanic communities, and the Motor Boaters alternate identity, which found a playful balance between humor and appropriateness.

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