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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser interviews Austin Noonan, the Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Vozzi, a sports-specific text messaging platform. They discuss the benefits of using texting to communicate with fans and sell more tickets. They also explore best practices, integrations with ticketing software, and examples of how teams can use texting to engage with their fans.

The conversation highlights the importance of educating the fan base and segmenting the database for effective communication. Vozzi's customer success team provides support and shares best practices with sports teams. The episode concludes with a discussion on Vozzi's future plans and the importance of tracking ticket sales.

We talk about:
1. Why Texting?
2. Best Practices for Getting Started with Texting Your Fans
3. Segmenting & Why it Matters
4. Examples of effective campaigns
5. How Vozzi integrates with numerous CRMs

To learn more about Vozzi or connect with Austin to have a conversation about how Vozzi can help you, you can email her at austin@getvozzi.com. 


  • Text messaging has a 98% open rate, making it an effective tool for communicating with fans.
  • Teams can use texting to send important information to fans, such as parking details, gate changes, and last-minute updates.
  • Texting can be used to engage fans, sell tickets, and gather feedback through post-game surveys.
  • Vozzi offers integrations with ticketing software, allowing teams to sell tickets via text message.
  • Segmenting the fan database and educating the fan base are key to successful texting campaigns.
  • Vozzi 's customer success team provides support and shares best practices with sports teams.
  • Tracking ticket sales is essential to measure the ROI of texting campaigns.
  • Vozzi  plans to continue expanding its partnerships and integrations with ticketing platforms.

Sound Bites
"Texting is another way to have some communication, engage with your fans, sell some tickets."
"You get a higher open rate with text messages. And oftentimes, I don't leave my phone with an open text message, I'm going to click in it, see what it says."
"The 'Know Before You Go' text message is fantastic."


00:00 - Introduction to Austin Noonan and Vozzi
05:37 - Examples of Effective Texting Strategies for Sports Teams
13:03 - Segmenting and Educating the Fan Base
22:23 - The Future of Vozzi

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