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Case Study: 
In full disclosure, the Stockton Ports are a client of mine. I started working with Chris Zavaglia in May of 2023.
The WINS from the season:

  • 15% increase in total attendance
  • 3 sell-outs most since 2019
  • $12K increase in online ticket sales

Chris and I dig into the following topics:
1. Immediate takeaways from what we started working on in May
2. The benefits of tracking ticket sales sources
3. Metrics and data that helped guide your decisions
4. Off-season planning

Chris Zavaglia, the Director of Baseball Communications for the Stockton Ports, shares insights on how they were able to increase attendance by 15%, achieve three sellouts, and increase online ticket sales by $12,000. They discuss the importance of understanding metrics and data to make informed marketing decisions. 

They emphasize the use of video content to engage fans and increase brand awareness. They also highlight the significance of tracking ticket sales from different sources to determine the most effective marketing platforms. The conversation concludes with a discussion on using data to plan for the off-season and continue growing revenue.


  • Understanding metrics and data is crucial for making informed marketing decisions.
  • Video content is an effective tool for engaging fans and increasing brand awareness.
  • Tracking ticket sales from different sources helps determine the most effective marketing platforms.
  • Using data to plan for the off-season can lead to continued revenue growth.

Sound Bites

  • "We ended up seeing a 15% increase in attendance for the 2023 season."
  • "We ended up selling out three times this season."
  • "We saw over a 5% increase in our web sales."


00:00 - Introduction and Overview

06:08 - Increasing Attendance and Sellouts

11:19 - Using Video Content for Brand Awareness

22:52 - Using Data to Plan for the Off-Season

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