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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser shares three cost-effective and actionable marketing strategies to sell more tickets. He emphasizes the importance of targeted marketing rather than spraying and praying. The strategies discussed include retargeting website visitors, using Awarity for digital marketing, capturing more emails on the website, and running meta ads on Facebook and Instagram. These strategies aim to increase ticket sales and provide a high return on investment. The episode concludes with a summary of the main takeaways.


Focus on targeted marketing strategies rather than broad approaches.
Retarget website visitors using platforms like Awarity to increase ticket sales.
Capture more emails on the website to expand the email list and improve marketing efforts.
Run meta ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach a larger audience and drive traffic to the website.


00:00 Introduction and Overview
01:08 Assumptions
04:17 Using Awarity for Digital Marketing
06:05 Capturing More Emails on the Website
08:46 Running Meta Ads on Facebook and Instagram
11:34 Summary and Takeaways


  • You have an email software and an existing list.
  • You've secured trade deals with local media or organizations.
  • Your budget is $5000 for driving ticket sales.
  • You have a website for selling tickets online.

Strategy 1: Retargeting Your Website Visitors

  • With significant website traffic, retargeting can be a game-changer.
  • Use "Awarity" to create targeted ads for website visitors, even on a small budget starting at $300.
  • Awarity also tracks ticket sales, ensuring you know your ROI.
  • Implement email capture tools to gather visitor information without requiring email input, costing an average of 7 cents per email.

Strategy 2: Run Meta Ads on Facebook and Instagram

  • Facebook and Instagram offer excellent platforms for targeting your audience.
  • Leverage the large following and consider Instagram's reels as advertising.
  • Target viewers who engage significantly with videos or website visitors who didn't convert.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Month 0 (Before the Season Starts): Awarity ($300), Email Capture ($200), Total Spend ($500), Expected ROI (3-1), Net Revenue ($1500).
  • Months 1 to 5: Awarity ($400 per month), Email Capture ($100 to $200 per month), Meta Ads ($300 per month), Total Spend ($900 per month).

By the end of the year, you could have collected over 10,000 new email subscribers and achieved a close-to-4-to-1 return on your ad spend, all while driving more traffic to your website.

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Action Steps:

  1. Explore Awarity for effective retargeting.
  2. Utilize Email Capture for cost-effective email list expansion.
  3. Run Meta Ads on Facebook and Instagram to engage with your audience.

Stay tuned for more insights in future episodes of the Sports Marketing Machine podcast.

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