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Katie Woods from the Wichita Sports Commission joins Jeremy Neisser to discuss the marketing strategies for the NBC World Series. They talk about the history of the tournament, the importance of understanding the audience, and the use of influencers and local partnerships to promote the event. They also discuss the challenges of marketing multiple games in a short period of time and the need to create a unique experience for each game. Overall, the marketing efforts were successful in reintroducing the tournament and attracting new audiences.

-Understanding the history and traditions of an event is crucial for effective marketing
-Tailoring marketing efforts to specific audiences and utilizing influencers can lead to success
-Creating a unique experience for each game can attract new audiences
-Collaborating with local partners can help reach a wider audience
-Data is important, but understanding the audience and what makes the event special is equally valuable

Sound Bites
"If you're a new marketing director, take time to understand the history and traditions of the event before running ads."
"Understanding your community and audience is crucial for effective marketing."
"Taking promotions and different things for different audiences and bringing it to the NBC World Series."

00:00 Introduction and Background
05:33 Understanding the History and Traditions of the NBC World Series
11:12 Marketing Strategies: Utilizing Influencers and Local Partnerships
27:11 The Value of Understanding the Event's History and Traditions

Katie and I dig into:
1. Insights into leveraging your brand, and how to share what makes you special
2. How they used visual marketing to increase their awareness
3. How learning to listen helped craft a marketing plan that celebrated 89 years of history 

Katie can be reached - katie@wichitasports.com

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