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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses how to use Average Order Value (AOV) to plan marketing strategies for sports teams. AOV helps determine the value of each ticket buyer and optimize marketing efforts. Neisser explains how to set revenue goals and track ticket sales by sources. He also emphasizes the importance of analyzing email revenue and comparing the effectiveness of different social media platforms. By understanding AOV, teams can make data-driven decisions and maximize ticket sales.


Work with your ticketing software to track ticket sales from different sources.
Use an AOV calculator to determine the value of each ticket buyer and optimize marketing strategies.
Understand the impact of email marketing and calculate the revenue per email.
Compare the average order values of different social media platforms to allocate marketing budgets effectively.


00:00 Introduction
00:42 Understanding Average Order Value (AOV)
02:39 Tracking Ticket Sales by Sources
03:08 Impact of AOV on Marketing Platforms
04:33 Analyzing Email Revenue
05:50 Comparing Social Media Platforms
06:49 Optimizing Marketing Strategies
07:39 Key Takeaways

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