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Casey Sawyer from the Hillsboro Hops shares how they have used Awarity to achieve a 4 to 5 to 1 return on ad spend. They have been working with Awarity since the 2021 season and have found it to be a highly effective digital advertising platform. They upload creative assets, mainly still banner ads, and have a high level of customization in terms of ad placement and audience targeting. They track conversions and data to measure the success of their ads.

Casey discusses their strategies, including targeting specific promotions and using time-bound ads to create a sense of urgency. He also shares their budgeting approach and the importance of retargeting website visitors. Overall, Awarity has been a profitable tool for the Hillsboro Hops, with a return on ad spend ranging from 4 to 5 to 1 in previous years and 2.7 to 1 in the current season.

If you are interested in learning more about Awarity please email Andy to get a demo and learn how other teams are using the platform to sell more tickets. 
Andy can be reached: andy@awarity.com
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  • Awarity has helped the Hillsboro Hops achieve a 4 to 5 to 1 return on ad spend
  • The platform allows for customization in terms of ad placement and audience targeting
  • Tracking conversions and data is crucial for measuring the success of ads
  • Strategies include targeting specific promotions and using time-bound ads to create urgency
  • Budgeting approach involves allocating 20-25% of the overall digital advertising budget to Awarity
  • Retargeting website visitors has been highly successful
  • Awarity provides valuable data and insights to inform decision-making

Sound Bites

  • "Historically with the Awarity, we have been in that four to five to one range in 2021 and 2022."
  • "We will always update our creative every two weeks that say, you know, hey, the hops are home August 1st to the 6th. So then that way they know like, okay, I've got these six days or five days to get to the ballpark."
  • "For us, that's anywhere in the 20 to $30,000 range annually. And like I said, if we're historically seeing a four or five to one return on that, that's 80 to $110,000 in revenue."


00:00 - Introduction to Casey Sawyer and the Hillsboro Hops

04:48 - Overview of Awarity and Its Effectiveness

06:11 - Tracking Conversions and Data with Awarity

08:58 - Strategies for Success: Promotions and Time-Bound Ads

11:16 - Optimizing Budgets: Allocating Resources to Awarity

13:25 - The Power of Retargeting: Reaching Interested Website Visitors

16:18 - Data-Driven Decision Making with Awarity

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