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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses the importance of having a complete LinkedIn page for sports teams or athletics departments. He provides three strategies to grow your LinkedIn page and reach more decision makers: tagging or mentioning companies, inviting employees to follow the page, and posting video content. Jeremy Neisser emphasizes the benefits of these strategies and provides actionable takeaways for the listeners.


  • Ensure your LinkedIn page is fully filled out with a complete profile.
  • Tag or mention companies, employees, or community members in your posts to increase visibility.
  • Invite current employees and alumni to follow your LinkedIn page to expand your reach.
  • Post video content as it is favored by the algorithm and can have a significant impact on buying decisions.

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00:00 - Introduction and Recap

01:09 - Importance of a Complete LinkedIn Page

03:03 - Strategy 2: Invite Employees to Follow

04:01 - Strategy 3: Post Video Content

05:24 - Key Takeaways

Did you know that Company Pages with complete profiles receive up to 2X more visitors than those with incomplete page profiles?

Make sure your page has the following seven items completely filled out:

– Logo
– Company description
– Website URL
– Company size
– Industry
– Company type
– Location

Best Content Types to Post on LinkedIn:

Sports Marketing Machine on LinkedIn
Sports Marketing Machine on Instagram

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