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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser interviews Chad Collins of Legacy Search, a talent acquisition firm specializing in helping sports teams find high-level executives. Chad shares his background in sports and his journey from working in various roles to starting his own company. He discusses the importance of culture, work-life balance, and transparency in job postings.

Chad also provides insights into the changes in recruiting due to COVID-19 and offers tips for teams looking to hire the right candidates. Overall, the conversation highlights the key factors that candidates consider when applying for sports industry roles.

  • Culture and work-life balance are important factors for candidates when considering job opportunities in the sports industry.
  • Transparency in job postings, including salary ranges and benefits, helps attract qualified candidates.
  • Teams should consider looking within their organization for potential candidates before searching externally.
  • Refreshing job descriptions and collaborating with HR and marketing teams can help make job postings more appealing.
  • Building trust and credibility with candidates is crucial in the recruiting process.

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00:00 - Introduction to Chad Collins and Legacy Search

02:05 - Diving into Recruiting

03:08 - Chad's Background in Sports

05:14 - Career Journey and Move to Legacy Search

08:09 - Starting Legacy Search

10:39 - Importance of Culture and Work-Life Balance

11:09 - Impact of COVID-19 on Recruiting

12:18 - Changes in Job Postings and Descriptions

13:11 - Importance of Transparency and Benefits

14:07 - Considerations Before Posting Job Opportunities

16:35 - Looking Within the Organization for Candidates

24:52Building Trust and Credibility

27:22 - Qualities to Look for in Candidates

31:14 - Getting in Touch with Chad Collins

Chad has a long history of working in professional sports and Collegiate Athletics and made the switch in 2015 to an executive recruiting company. He has worked with more than 400 executives and has the connections to successfully recruit the right candidates for the right positions. 

He can be reached at:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-collins-993815/

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