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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses the effectiveness of email marketing in the sports industry. He emphasizes that email marketing is not dead and can provide a high return on investment. He shares statistics on open rates and click-through rates for sports teams' emails and highlights the importance of increasing these metrics to sell more tickets.

Neisser also encourages sports teams to understand their average order value and track their email marketing performance. He concludes by offering support and suggesting the next topic of segmentation in email marketing.

  • Email marketing is still a valuable tool for sports teams and can provide a high return on investment.
  • Understanding and improving open rates and click-through rates can lead to increased ticket sales.
  • Sports teams should track and analyze their email marketing metrics, including average order value.
  • Working with ticketing companies to implement tracking links can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of email campaigns.

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00:00 - Introduction to Email Marketing

01:12 - Email Metrics and ROI

04:05 - Understanding Your Numbers

05:01 - Tracking and Reporting

06:00 - Increasing Open and Click-Through Rates

06:27 - Next Steps and Conclusion 

Email marketing has been the most used platform for sports marketers to sell tickets for many years. Within the last 15 years, social media and other forms of communication have increased in popularity which has driven down the effectiveness of email marketing.

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