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In this episode, John Wilson from Ballgame Consulting shares insights on what GMs are looking for from their marketing directors.

The conversation covers topics such as the importance of planning and execution in marketing, utilizing all platforms for marketing, tracking ticket sales, supporting sales and sponsorship teams, using social media to generate sales leads, promotion stacking for increased attendance, sales training and support, finding group sales and sponsorship leads in uncommon places, building relationships through face-to-face appointments, and how to contact John Wilson for sales training.

  • Develop an overall plan and calendar to strategically promote the team.
  • Utilize all available platforms for marketing, including social media.
  • Track ticket sales and gather data to understand the source of sales.
  • Support sales and sponsorship teams by providing marketing materials and information.
  • Use LinkedIn and other platforms to find group sales and sponsorship leads.
  • Stack promotions to create sellout nights and increase attendance.
  • Build relationships with clients through face-to-face appointments.
  • Contact John Wilson at Ballgame Consulting for sales training and support.

Sound Bites


00:00 - Introduction and Background

01:09 - The Role of Marketing Directors in Sports Organizations

04:26 - Utilizing All Platforms for Marketing

05:24 - The Value of Tracking Ticket Sales

06:24 - Supporting Sales and Sponsorship Teams

07:46 - Using Social Media to Generate Sales Leads

08:39 - Promotion Stacking for Increased Attendance

12:00 - Sales Training and Support

20:34 - Promotion Stacking for Sellout Nights

28:30 - Building Relationships and Face-to-Face Appointments

31:25 - Contacting John Wilson for Sales Training

He can be reached:
john@ballgameconsulting.com (815)704-0111 

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