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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses the importance of creating videos for social media and the impact they can have on a sports organization's fan base. The host highlights three reasons why more video content should be created: improved reach and discoverability, higher conversion rates, and better storytelling. 

The conversation then shifts to how to create video content efficiently and affordably, with the recommendation of three video editing software options. The host concludes by providing three takeaways: testing video editing software, organizing and scheduling video content, and increasing video publishing frequency.

  • Test video editing software to create videos quicker
  • Organize and schedule video content to promote games
  • Set a goal to publish more videos each week

Sound Bites


00:00 - Introduction and Call to Action

00:42 - The Importance of Video Content

03:07 - Effective Storytelling through Videos

04:05 - Creating Video Content Efficiently

05:31 - Recommended Video Editing Software

06:29 - Takeaway 1: Test Video Editing Software

06:59 - Takeaway 2: Organize and Schedule Video Content

07:29 - Takeaway 3: Increase Video Publishing Frequency

07:56 - Conclusion and Call to Action

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