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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses the importance of a social media shot list for capturing photos and videos during a game. He emphasizes the need to craft the shot list based on the story you want to tell and the intended audience. Jeremy also suggests expanding the shot list to include other opportunities for promoting the team or organization. He provides six essential shots that should be included in the game day shot list. The episode concludes with three takeaways for creating an effective shot list.

  • Craft your social media shot list based on the story you want to tell and the intended audience.
  • Consider additional opportunities beyond game action to promote the team or organization.
  • Capture moments of energy and excitement in your photos and videos.

Sound Bites


00:00 - Introduction and Previous Episode Recap

00:43 - What is a Social Media Shot List?

01:13 - Crafting the Shot List: Storytelling and Audience

03:11 - Capturing Unique Moments

03:39 - Six Shots for the Game Day Shot List

05:08 - Takeaways

Listen in to learn the shots you should absolutely be capturing during the games.

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