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In this episode, Jeremy Neisser discusses the power of testimonials in selling more tickets for sports events. He explains how testimonials can demonstrate empathy and authority, and shares tips for choosing the right candidates to provide testimonials. Jeremy also provides three key questions to ask when collecting testimonials, and highlights five places where testimonials can be used in marketing. 


  • Testimonials can be a powerful tool for selling more tickets and growing a fan base.
  • When choosing testimonial candidates, look for individuals who are willing to share their story and have an outgoing personality.
  • Three key questions to ask when collecting testimonials: 1) What motivated you to start considering purchasing tickets? 2) How did attending our games make a difference for you? 3) How has attending our games impacted your overall enjoyment or experiences?
  • Testimonials can be used on websites, social posts, printed collateral, videos, and in emails to fans.
  • Understanding data and digital marketing is crucial for effectively selling more tickets and managing marketing budgets.


00:00 - Introduction

01:10 - The Power of Testimonials

03:59 - Question 1: Motivation to Purchase Tickets

04:55 - Question 2: Difference Made by Attending Games

05:50 - Question 3: Impact of Attending Games

07:11 - Using Testimonials in Marketing

09:22 - Data Training and Marketing

Testimonials are a powerful tool that we have ALL been influenced by.
Everywhere we look it is some sort of testimonial or vote of confidence; from the testimonials and star ratings on Amazon to the reviews on Yelp, testimonials are everywhere.

Teams can use testimonials to help sell more tickets to their games but asking three questions. The ultimate goal is to allow them to share the transformation of what life was like BEFORE the coming to your games and now afterward.

Question 1: 
What motivated you to start considering purchasing tickets to the game (or bring your staff out, buy a fundraiser, buy season tickets, etc.)? Were you looking to solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific need, and if so, what was it?

-Why we are asking this question:  We are asking indirectly, “What problem were you experiencing before you bought tickets to your team?”

Question #2: 
Share with us how coming to your game(or having season tickets, etc.) made a difference for you. How did it help tackle the issues or meet the needs you had in mind when you first considered buying tickets?

-Why we are asking this question: How did your games help you solve this problem?

Question #3:  
Since you started coming to our games (or having season tickets, etc.) how has it (insert what they were intending from question 1 -(examples may be better culture, thanked employees/clients, raised funds for the organization, impact of fundraising, etc.)? We'd love to hear about the ways it has added to your overall enjoyment and experiences.
 -Why we are asking this question: What is their life like now because of our product or service? 

These allow the person sharing the testimonial to talk candidly about how YOU solved their problem. 

Where to use these:

  • Website
  • Social Posts
  • Collateral
  • Videos to provide to potential clients
  • Emailing fans 

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