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In this episode, host Jeremy Neisser discusses the importance of proof of performance (POP) for marketing directors in sports. He highlights three metrics that should be included in POPs to increase the value of sponsorships: views and impressions, social media impressions, and fan data. By including these metrics, marketing directors can demonstrate the reach and impact of sponsorships, leading to potential renewals and increased value for sponsors.


  • Include views and impressions from streaming or live broadcasts, as well as social media posts with prominently displayed logos.
  • Include relevant fan information based on the partnership, such as target areas or community involvement.
  • Be thorough in including metrics to show the value and impact of the sponsorship.
  • Seek assistance and guidance in marketing planning and understanding marketing data.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:41 - The Importance of Proof of Performance
  • 04:15 - Metric 2: Social Media Impressions
  • 06:06 - Metric 3: Fan Data
  • 08:31 - Takeaways

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover:

1. Metrics Magic: Uncover the secret sauce behind using metrics related to views and impressions to unlock the full potential of your sponsorship deals. Learn how to leverage streaming numbers, television broadcasts, and social media to impress your corporate partners.

2. Impressions that Matter: Find out how to use impressions to your advantage. Jeremy will guide you on making those sponsor logos shine in your social media posts and prove to your partners that their exposure goes way beyond the arena or ballpark.

3. Know Your Fans: Explore the often-overlooked goldmine of fan data. Discover how understanding your fan base can help tailor your partnership strategies to meet the unique needs and interests of your sponsors.

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